The struggle for financial freedom in the COVID-19 pandemic

Jack Wynn was once proud of his financial independence. Now, as he sits at home anxious and working out how long the money in his current account can last with the bare essentials, he's fearful about the future and the potential lasting effect COVID-19 will have.

How can the mainstream media thrive in the digital age?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to digital, and media organisations need to pinpoint what they want to achieve to standout and survive in a crowded market

Food waste, bad taste

If we’re going to meet the Sustainable Development Goal 12.3.1, we have to halve food waste by 2030. Within the last three years, supply chain food waste has dropped 4% compared to the previous five years

Alexandria Riley on climbing the ranks with new TV dramas

Alexandria Riley's career has taken on a whole new dimension with ITV crime drama, The Pembrokeshire Murders, co-starring Luke Evans and Keith Allen and the BBC’s In My Skin

Let’s make smart, sustainable shopping our future

In a society where we’ve become overwhelmed with choice and information, we could all do with a little helping hand to becoming more eco-friendly in how we shop for food

Average DFG council spending shows steady growth

As Freedom of Information (FOI) requests find that councils in England have collectively spent more than £125m on Disabled Facilities Grants in 2018/9, The MJ analyses the regions issuing the most and least funding and the progress of DFG distribution Image credit: Pixabay. DFG spending has increased from more than £85m in 2009/10 to £125m … Continue reading Average DFG council spending shows steady growth

Save the Children continues centenary celebrations at Llandaff Cathedral

Children’s charity continues to celebrate its centenary and groundbreaking campaigns in Wales with prestigious cathedral concert Image credit: Save the Children – Wales. Families Connect, Newport, Wales. One of the projects Save the Children – Wales is working on A concert to celebrate the centenary of Save the Children and its work in Wales will take place at … Continue reading Save the Children continues centenary celebrations at Llandaff Cathedral