Alexandria Riley on climbing the ranks with new TV dramas

Alexandria Riley's career has taken on a whole new dimension with ITV crime drama, The Pembrokeshire Murders, co-starring Luke Evans and Keith Allen and the BBC’s In My Skin

Ethan’s theory

Jack Wynn talks to Ethan Powell about the powerful effects pottery has in the development of mental health Ceramics and pottery is more than just a hobby for Ethan and plans to make it his full-time career after university Pottery and its mindfulness qualities is something Ethan Powell, 25, strongly believes upholds a powerful connection. … Continue reading Ethan’s theory

Cardiff Character: James Clarke

It takes a lot of courage and ambition to build your own business, especially in the final year of an undergraduate degree. James Clarke, 23, creative director at GreenNova Productions, understands the pressures all too well when he started the company with fellow University of South Wales graduate, Christopher Deakin, three years ago

The Work-Life Balancing Act

Steve Morgan, freelance SEO consultant and founder of Morgan Online Marketing, explains how he juggles the problematic task of maintaining work-life balance.

Davies: “It’s One Of A Kind And Nothing Like This Has Ever Been Done Before”

Used in more than 80 countries, Pervade Software's solutions are leveraged by a wide audience of private and public sector clients, as well as partners ranging from independent consultants to global managed security service providers

Hutt: “Employers Are Far Too Quick To Make Judgements On The Wrong Information”

Search Party is on a quest to redefine how companies around the world are hiring their employees. Its recruitment marketplace has attracted millions of professionals represented by over 1,500 recruiters and, together, they are making the hiring process faster, easier and more profitable for everyone involved